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Logo Design

What makes a good logo and why do you even need one?

The logo design is a central part of the Corporate Design. But still just one of many factors that are important for the perception of a brand. The potential of a logo is concentrated and sometimes reduced to a minimum to represent a brand and its values. In this way, products and media can be “branded”. A logo often does not stand on its own – it can be part of a larger logo family, or logo additions have to be taken into account. All of these factors therefore have an impact on the appearance of a logo.


The process of Logo Design

When designing a logo, I follow a tried and tested principle that I have tried and developed many times over. My goal is a smooth project flow with the best results – and of course the satisfaction of my customers.

1. Logo briefing

In a briefing we clarify which values the new logo should convey, which requirements it has to meet and how it interacts with an existing corporate design or a corporate design that is to be developed.

2. Research and market analysis

After all, in order to develop a logo that is more than just a pleasing sign, I do in-depth research. And then I deal with the respective topic, the company and its services or products. We research the market situation together by analyzing the logos and market presences of our competitors at home and abroad, exploring design trends in the industry and the needs of the Target Groups.

3. Development of the right impression (Look & Feel)

Using third-party examples and mood boards, we jointly evaluate different visual directions and develop the appearance of the logo so that it fits the brand values and the target group.

4. Concept & Brainstorming for your Logo Design

We develop a variety of ideas for design approaches and possible stories that the logo can convey. These ideas are visualized, concretized and tested for their potential in sketches and first drafts. Only now does the actual logo design begin.

5. Logo Design - Draft Phase

In this phase, several logo variants are created, from which we finally select the ones that best meet the requirements and criteria defined in the briefing. In the search for the best result, different color variants are tried out and different fonts are tested.

6. Logo Design – Vote

As part of a logo presentation, I will show you the best suggestions and advise you on the respective advantages and disadvantages.

7. Logo Design – Fine Tuning

I develop the selected logo design further and work it out in detail and technically perfectly. You will receive your finished logo in the common color and file formats that you can use for further use in a wide variety of media and production techniques.