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Photo editing

Photo retouching: Before | After

Many people are very doubtful about image editing, cropping, etc. and it is often criticized. Some photographers would like to keep their work free of it and look a little mockingly down at the “photoshoper”. Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself, and photography cannot be detached from manipulation.

It starts with the choice of the image section. What is right and left in the picture and what should be faded in and out …? After all, only the photographer decides. The choice of camera, lens and film also changes a photo. If you choose a black and white film, you retouch the colors from the world.

Now let’s just hold on: Photomanipulation is inseparable from Photography.

Beauty retouching

When you think of Beauty High-End Retouching, beauty portraits or fashion photos come to mind. Here is everything about flawless beauty, perfect clothing (without any messy folds) and perfectly fitting hair. However, it’s not only in the fashion industry the case, that every detail of image is thoroughly reviewed.

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Before After
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Photo Manipulation

Image manipulation creates a new inventive sector of photos from the original. And so it includes a newer meaning. It gives the designer the opportunity to show their creativity in one area photo editing to create something unique and believable with the help of image editing.

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Before After

Image Editing: Clipping of all kinds

The emotional impact of images is scientifically seen. An advertising campaign and an online shop without suitable photo material is absolutely unthinkable. And so professionally cropped photos are controversial for the success of progress. But was it when the background of a picture distracts from the main subject? What if you have a different background?

What are cutouts actually?

Cutouts are photos that have been modified with an image editing program in such a way that the main subject and background are separated from each other. The image can be divided into different levels with professional software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). The layers then lie on top of each other like transparent foils. After fading out the background layer, only the main subject remains. This can finally be inserted into new scenarios by computer.

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