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Vectorization: when perceiving graphics, the number of pixels is in advance view and these are raster-shaped with an exactly to license color. When enlarged, your graphic will be blurred and unsuitable for printing. If you make a decision to lose a vector file, each path can be rectified or rectified without any loss of quality. Because a vector graphic basically only consists of lines and curves that are made by vationals. In this way, the quality is retained when the size is changed, as the lines feel very simple.

Are you planning an unusual gift?

You want a wall picture of you in the comic style or you need an artistic support for your neew campaign? Nowadays, you always have to provide for something new in order to make an impression. If yes, don’t let your missing knowledge in the area of image editing discourage you from your plans.


In addition to logos , images and products can also be vectorized. In this way you can use them for advertising campaigns, advertisements or magazines. These graphics then consist of simple lines, circles, or polygons that represent the object. This means that the size of these can be changed without losing quality.