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Corporate Design

The Corporate Design CD is the consistent visual appearance of a company and it is the basis for the design of all communication media. The CD runs like a red thread through all applications.

Corporate Design – The Basic Elements

A corporate design consists of various elements, but not all of them have to be used. Depending on the specific design, the individual components are weighted differently: for example, in some cases the color scheme can be more important than the font and vice versa.


The Logo is a central element when it comes to the perception of your brand. A good Logo is concise and clearly distinguishable from the logos of the competitors. A Logo is the distillate of a Corporate Design and sometimes also the starting point.

Color World

I develop a Color Palette for your Corporate Design that expresses the values of the brand while also keeping an eye on the later applications and related requirements. Together we define the corporate design colors in the common color systems that are ultimately relevant for the production of planned applications.


Sometimes it is also the right way to consciously forego color and instead to work with materials and haptics. But also in connection with colors, the choice of materials used in the types of printing, advertising material and furnishings has a major influence on the overall effect of the Corporate Design.

Typography & Home Fonts

Font has a huge impact on the overall impact of communication design. Often it comes down to the fine nuances. When choosing the right font, many factors must be taken into account: in addition to appearance and legibility, the history of the respective font also plays a role. In many cases, however, it is very useful to define an additional secondary font for the main Corporate Design font.

Supplementary Graphic Elements

With a large number of applications, it is usually necessary to design and define backgrounds, arrows, bullets and other graphic elements in order to consistently continue the Corporate Design down to the last detail.


Photos convey values and emotions. The development of a memorable visual language in corporate communication aims at recognizability and image building. Strategies for the visual language range from the definition of a concise photo style to the choice of motif to a certain style of post-processing and alienation. Imagery does not have to be limited to photography, but can also be supplemented with illustrations and collages.

Corporate Design Manual

The Corporate Design Manual is a reference work in which all important information about the visual representation of the company is summarized. It is intended to ensure the uniform application of the Corporate Design.

The Basic Implementation of the Corporate Design

The office equipment is usually the first application of the corporate design:

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery & Follow-Up Sheet
  • Covers
  • Text Messages / Greeting Cards
  • Company Stamp
  • Company Signs
  • Email Signatures

Example Project: